About Soon LEE

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at twelve years old Soon Lee Low was taken by his parents to an Italian fine dining restaurant. He can still remember the taste of the simple creamy pasta he had, delivered by a Malaysian head chef who had spent eight years in Italy mastering his craft. He was so amazed that the local chef’s passion and joy could be shared with others with just a bowl of pasta. Little did he know that he was going to embark on the same journey.   

Melbourne, Australia

Moving to Melbourne after high school, Soon enrolled in a beginner cookery course and the rest is history. His first apprenticeship was with Chef Kim Un Beh at Madam Fang. Soon gained extensive experience in different cuisines, including marrying Japanese and Peruvian flavours from Chef Nobu Matsuhisa at Nobu, Melbourne, and taking a molecular approach to Spanish from Michelin starred chef, Ramon Frexia, at Hilton Melbourne South Wharf.

London, United Kingdom   

Life took a turn when he received an offer from Nobu Melbourne’s former head chef, Scott Hallsworth to be a part of his new team at Wabi restaurant, in central London. This was followed by sous chef positions at Sushi Samba, and Duck and Waffle, before touring Europe as the private chef for The WHO. While in London he cooked for The Killers and at charity events for famous UK singers such as Jessie J and Robbie Williams before working with the 2013 finalist of Masterchef Professional, UK, Chef Adam Handling.

Melbourne & Wagga Wagga, Australia

At the end of a glamorous two years in London, Soon moved back to Australia to work at Saigon Sally, a modern Vietnamese eatery for a year before following his wife to a regional town called Wagga Wagga in southern New South Wales. Looking for a creative way to uplift the tastebuds of those living in regional areas, he was the first chef to do pop-up restaurants to deliver his fusion creation in a pub-oriented town. In addition, he consults for restaurants and pubs in NSW as well as private functions and masterclasses at the Wagga Wagga based cooking school, Food I Am.